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Energy Healing For All

Online Learning Center

Intro to Energy Healing & Energy Medicines

An online program that helps you discover your true energetic nature so you can ignite your passion and purpose in life.

As you learn how to tune in to your own unique energies you’ll experience a much needed energy reboot that sets you free to pursue a life based on your true self. 

Heal the Healer Online Program

Do you want to make a bigger impact with long-lasting effects with clients? Do you have strong healing abilities but lack the confidence to offer stand alone healing services or packages?

Reiki and energy medicines from Nature are fast becoming the best additions to holistic treatments to promote balance in your life and the lives of those you touch.

Bringer’s of the Heart Mastermind

The Bringer’s of the Heart Mastermind provides an on going way for you to access Linda’s guidance, tools and attain mastery by being in this group.

  • Its an online mastermind so you can access it anywhere you are in the world (call in from your office, home, car)

Energy Healing Tool Kit

Everything you need to start performing energy readings and healing treatments is in this kit.

Create a multi-sensory experience using gemstones and Reiki-attuned aromatherapy Mood Mists, while your client is guided to Meet Their Future Self.


Distance Energy Healing & Space Clearing

This course includes distance healing using Reiki level 2, advanced Energy Clearing and Emotional Energy clearing techniques that benefit you and your clients.

Learn to perform full-body treatments at a distance, clear emotional and mental energy in a treatment as well as clear energy at work and home.


Meet Your Trainer

Chakralicious founder, Linda Bertaut is an author, national speaker, award-winning Esthetician, Reiki master teacher, and beauty expert who specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface through her healing makeovers.

Linda’s lifetime passion for performing make-up and image makeovers began over 30 years ago, but as she worked with her clients on their outer beauty, she recognized that many had a profound need for a makeover that was more than skin deep.

This led her practice to evolve into wellness and energy makeovers for body, mind and spirit. Known as the beauty industry’s Reiki master teacher, Linda helps clients to heal from limiting self-doubt, stress, depression, and anxiety so they can radiate their true beauty and share their gifts with the world.

The biggest changes that her clients see are the stressors that used to throw them off track don’t have the same impact. They don’t feel reactive, irritated or stuck in a fear response. They feel they have a purpose in life and a clear way forward that they could not see before.

Linda gives people the tools to heal and unlock their own healing potential. As her clients experience their own inner and outer healing, they move into a place of empowerment and many become inspired to help others to learn to heal themselves.

Her signature treatments and innovative techniques are being used in salons and spas throughout the country. Linda was the chosen expert to write about Wellness Therapies for Estheticians in the Milady Advanced Esthetics Textbook. She remains one of the pioneers in the merging of the wellness and beauty industries and is passionate about mentoring others to continue the advancement of these healing arts.

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