Cost $250

Are you ready to offer Energy Healing in your treatments? Everything you need to start performing energy readings and healing treatments is in this kit.

Create a multi-sensory experience using gemstones and Reiki-attuned aromatherapy Mood Mists, while your client is guided to Meet Their Future Self.

Gain the confidence to understand and speak about Energy and the Chakras in a no-nonsense way.



  1. Aroma Therapy Mood Mists – 3 – 4 oz bottles
  2. Gemstone Kit – for treatments and beverages
  3. Six smaller gemstones for facials
  4. Gemstone Chakra Card Deck – to perform gemstone card readings
  5. Love Makes Magic Happen Book – inspirational book
  6. Meeting Your Future Self CD – guided visualization
  7. Gemstone Pendulum – to perform energy readings
  8. Rainbow Chakra Chart – to understand the Chakras
  9. Discover the Rainbow Within Booklet – giving you language to speak about Energy & Chakras


  1. Use a pendulum – 3 videos
  2. Make Gemstone Mojitos
  3. Clean your gemstones
  4. Perform a gemstone card reading – 2 videos
  5. Use the Mood Mists to lift your spirits or clear energy in your space
  6. Perform a simple Energy Make-Over using gemstones
  7. Use the Love Makes Magic Happen inspirational book and more…

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