Are you ready to unlock your life and move into the purpose you know you are called to?

Have you known for a long time that there is more to this life than simply what you see with your eyes?

Do you feel a continuous pull towards something more?

Do you feel something amazing is waiting for you…but it continues to remain just out of reach?

Have you always had an innate knowing that you are here to do something more? …to make a difference?

If you feel stuck in a life where something in you is being stifled… it is time to step out of your fear and into your true calling.

So many of us make life decisions based on our natural fear response…

We are pushed and pulled by outside forces that influence our decisions and keep us stuck…


We ignore our inner wisdom and choose instead to listen to the messages that our experiences have taught us…


We often fear that if we follow our truth it could lead to judgement from others or a misunderstanding of our intentions…

Some of the most common fears are…


...people might think that what we do is weird, woo-woo or even harmful


…that what we offer is of no value or doesn’t work


…that we are unqualified

I want you to know that these fears are perfectly normal… and everyone has them…

…but when you continue to listen to these messages you are choosing to live outside of your purpose and calling…

Did you know?

The disconnect you feel between the life you are living and who you really are is how you know when you are on or off purpose…?

When your life begins to align with who you are truly meant to be, the inner tension fades and you move effortlessly into flow…

When the blockages of fear are removed, your life opens up to receive all that the Universe has been waiting to give you!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You have gifts and knowledge that you know would positively impact others that you have not been able to effectively share…

You do things that are in direct opposition to your goals (self-sabotage) …

You struggle with procrastination …

You are drained by other people’s energy…

You don’t make self-care a priority…

You fear failure or judgement …

You have a hard time silencing your harsh inner critic…

You KNOW there is something better waiting for you and you are ready to do whatever it takes to step into

empowerment, truth, joy and happiness!

These are all signs of a life that is currently out of balance with your purpose…

This is a common condition where too many people continue to live lives that are full of anxiety and self-doubt, instead of the joy and abundance that is their birthright.

This is precisely why I created my 4 Step System to help you to tap into the energy that heals

Intro to Energy Healing & Energy Medicines

is a program designed to help you remove the fears, blockages and negative beliefs that are stopping you from being able to move forward into your purpose…

With four in-depth lessons, I will teach you how to identify and clear the blockages that are currently holding you back.

You will learn the fundamentals of energy healing and the difference between a healthy aura vs a leaky aura.

Discover simple but powerful breathing techniques that unlock the flow of expansive well-being and happiness

You will learn how to rebalance and restore your own energy through self-Reiki treatments

Uncover the ancient wisdom in your body through the Chakra system and learn how to protect yourself against negativity and other energy zappers.

…But learning how to heal yourself is just the beginning…

You know you were put here on this earth to bring healing to others…

Working through the lessons of my 4-step system will also teach you how to fully and confidently step into your role as a healer in the lives of those around you…

…Whether you work with clients or use your gift to heal loved ones, you will have the necessary tools, techniques and strategies to bring light, love and peace to all whom you interact with…

Tap into the power of the healing energy within you

Gain confidence and clarity to harness positive energy and ward off unwanted energies

Become a conduit for energy that heals you from the inside out

Experience more inner peace and happiness

Gain all the resources you need to share your healing energy with others

My Intro to Energy Healing & Energy Medicines Class regularly sells for $350

…but I want to make sure you have everything you need right now to release all that is holding you back from doing and becoming what you are here to do and become…

For that reason, I am offering you a limited time promotional price on this course for only $300

I am gifting you this $50 savings because I know sometimes you need that little extra push to leave behind what no longer serves you and step confidently into your purpose!

Access to a supportive and engaging “Bringers of the heart” Private Facebook Community

An extensive library of video and printable resources with everything you need to know…tips, demonstrations, experienced knowledge and recipes easily accessible all in one place.

4 Professional Online Training Lessons

Enroll now for a limited time for only $300 and gain instant access to:

Ida Castain, Esthetician

Meghan Smolka, photographer and social media manager, Santa Cruz, CA

When you enroll in my Intro to Energy Healing & Energy Medicines Class you will…


…Access and enhance your energetic abilities in a healing formula and practice that is simple to follow and creates powerful results….


…Reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety


…Gain confidence and purpose


…Integrate the healing energies of your body and mind to produce real results


…Use your gift of healing to change lives

My goal is that you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to first heal yourself and then use your skills to positively impact those around you…

My Intro to Energy Healing & Energy Medicines Class regularly sells for $350

…but I feel so strongly about helping you move into your purpose that I am offering very limited enrollment spaces for only $300

“A year ago, I was at a real crossroads with my business brand and work I was doing. Since taking Linda’s Energy Healing programs and practicing Reiki on myself, I’m feeling more confident doing what my heart is telling me. I changed my business name and started specializing in just one type of facial. My client relationships have improved because they walk out of their facial with something they didn’t expect…a healing. Reiki has helped me tune into the subtleties of energy and realize that there is so much magic in the world.”

Amy Wall

Love Amy Skin Care, Mendocino, CA

“Having learned Reiki 1 and 2 with Linda Bertaut, I have the clarity and confidence to say that I am a healer. Since learning to practice Reiki, I have added Reiki to my business, with great success. Clients are seeing the difference, they’re feeling the difference, and they want more, and I’m happy to give.” @lauraedwardsskincarestudio

Laura Edwards

Laura’s Skin Care and More, Fair Oaks, CA,

What you will learn…

A hands-on healing method that melts away stress and reduces anxiety, constant mental chatter, and even depression… 

The nature of energy, how it gets out of balance, and ways to restore balance with simple healing techniques… 

All about Chakras, their relationship to the subtle energy body, and how their condition affects your daily life… 

 A variety of energy medicines that balance and restore the subtle energy body, including gemstones, herbal remedies and flower essences… 

 Energy medicine recipes you can make at home…

What is included

  • Energy Fix Exercises
  • What is Energy and Energy Healing?
  • Using Reiki for Healing
  • Reiki Hand Positions for Self
  • Reiki Hand Positions for Others
  • How to Create an Herbal Aroma Bar
  • How to Select and Wash Gemstones
  • How to Make Gemstone Beverages
  • Various Herbal Tea Recipes
  • A Library of Printable Resources and Downloads including
  • Energy Healing – Reiki Workbook
  • 5 Hand Position Charts
  • Self-Treatment MP3
  • Barbara’s Yes Prayer (My Reiki Master Teacher)
  • Energy Medicines – Flower Essence Chart
  • Formula for a Prayer
  • How to Meditate
  • Affirmations for each Chakra
  • An Exclusive Private Facebook Community of Bringers of the Heart

Chakralicious founder, Linda Bertaut is an author, national speaker, Esthetician, Reiki master teacher, and award-winning beauty expert who specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface. Her lifetime passion for performing make-overs led her to the beauty industry over 30 years ago.

What started as make-up and image make-overs evolved into wellness and “Energy Make-Overs” for body, mind and spirit. 

Known as the beauty industry’s Reiki master teacher, Linda got her calling to teach Reiki after seeing the US in a state of mass depression due to the attacks on 9/11.

Linda had healed herself from depression using Reiki and saw the opportunity to lead others through the necessary steps of healing.

She founded Chakralicious to help clients heal and radiate beauty from within. Her signature treatments and innovative techniques are being used in salons and spas throughout the country. Linda was the chosen expert to write about Wellness Therapies for Estheticians in the Milady Advanced Esthetics Textbook.

Tapping into Universal Wisdom

When you learn to heal yourself and then use your knowledge, experience and skills to help transform the lives of others…

You become a participant in the healing of the world…

When you open yourself up to this universal energy your life and the lives of those around you will be forever transformed…

I look forward to walking on this journey of healing with you!