Intro to Energy Healing & Energy Medicines (Online)




Linda created the Chakralicious Experience to provide a healing formula that is simple to follow and creates wonderful results when used regularly. Learn how to use conscious breath, meditation, intentional prayer, gemstone and aromatherapy with Reiki to transform your life.

Intro to Energy Healing & Medicines

A 4 Step System to Tap into Energy that Heals

Are you affected by other people’s energy and their emotions

Have you been told you’re “too sensitive”?

Are you plagued by stress, anxiety, self-doubt and constant mental chatter?

And are you ready to stop the struggle and gain confidence, inner peace and happiness once and for all?

Intro to Chakralicious Energy Healing & Medicines is an online program that helps you discover your true energetic nature so you can ignite your passion and purpose in life. As you learn how to tune in to your own unique energies you’ll experience a much needed energy reboot that sets you free to pursue a life based on your true self. Supported by the tools, techniques, and strategies you’ll learn, you will:

  • Tap into the power of the healing energy within you
  • Gain confidence and clarity to harness positive energy and ward off unwanted energies
  • Become a conduit for energy that heals you from the inside out
  • Experience more inner peace and happiness
  • And have the resources to share your healing energy with others.

Meet other “Bringers of the Heart”—those called from within to make the world a better place—when you join the Chakralicious community.

Intro to Chakralicious Energy Healing & Medicines empowers you to access and enhance your energetic abilities in a healing formula and practice that is simple to follow and creates powerful results. Learn how to use:

  • Conscious breath
  • Meditation
  • Intentional prayer
  • Gemstones
  • Aromatherapy
  • And simple Reiki Energy Healing Techniques

… to …

  • Transform your life
  • Release stress and tension
  • And align with your unique true nature.

Enroll in Intro to Chakralicious Energy Healing & Medicines and learn:

  • A hands-on healing method that melts away stress and reduces anxiety, constant mental chatter, and depression;
  • The nature of energy, how it gets out of balance, and ways to restore balance with simple healing techniques;
  • All about Chakras, their relationship to the subtle energy body, and how their condition affects your daily life;
  • A variety of energy medicines that balance and restore the subtle energy body, including gemstones, herbal remedies, and flower essences;
  • And energy medicine recipes you can make at home.

What you get in Intro to Chakralicious Energy Healing & Medicines:

4 Online Training Modules

An extensive Online Video Library that includes:

    • Energy Fix Exercises
    • What is Energy and Energy Healing?
    • Using Reiki for Healing
    • Reiki Hand Positions for Self
    • Reiki Hand Positions for Others
    • How to Create an Herbal Aroma Bar
    • How to Select and Wash Gemstones
    • How to Make Gemstone Beverages
    • Various Herbal Tea Recipes
  • A Library of Printable Resources and Downloads including:
    • Energy Healing – Reiki Workbook
    • 4 Hand Position Charts
    • Self-Treatment MP3
    • Barbara’s Yes Prayer (My Reiki Master Teacher)
    • Energy Medicines – Flower Essence Chart
    • Formula for a Prayer
    • How to Meditate
    • Affirmations for each Chakra
    • An Exclusive Private Facebook Community of Bringers of the the Heart

$350 Investment

PLEASE NOTE:  Programs/Workshops/Webinars are non-refundable but may be transferred to a class or service at a future date.


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